Saturday, January 12, 2008

British 1946

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Cergie said...

Hi ! Maybe am I the first visitor on this blog, it is a great honor for me. I ever like to be the first one everywhere I go
When I was at that restaurant "La Coupole" I said in the afternoon to a friend I had no time to post on Tuesday because it was necessary for me to wash my hair. It is not a joke, it is true. However I have something to add : I like to dry my hair with a towel, and then let it dry alone without any help

Thank you HDG for passing by and writting a comment. This blog can be very interresting, depend if you will remain interrested with it, it is the most I can say....

lettuce said...

haha to cergie's comment.

i was given a new hairdryer for christmas a year or two ago.
My hair is usually between 1 and 3 inches long and i never use a hairdryer.

or a comb

or a brush