Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cat Friendly Conair

This Fabulous Conair 1625 is affordable, sturdy, and very cat-friendly. Nifty attachments mean hours of fun. Super safe "AvoidShock" system makes this a favorite for humans, animals, and plants. Anyone who purchased one of these babies back in the day is set for life, while the rest of us scour flea markets hoping to find one. This beauty belongs to H. in Canada, who has even used it for snow removal.  


M said...

I'm delighted to see these pictures!

H said...

Yes! I highly recommend this cheap but dependable model. As does my cat. He blow-out has never been so fluffy.

Penelope said...

Am I the last person to know this, um "museum" existed? It is high time we paid tribute to the hair dryer.