Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The PHD Hunter

We traveled all day through a blizzard to study a portable hair dryer in its natural habitat. 

It's a rare Ice Blue Blaster. Crikey! This one looks powerful! PHDs are always unpredictable when they are plugged and ready for action. I wouldn't want to wrestle this one in a full bathtub! We do have some safety gear here that should give us the upper hand. 

Right now it appears to be sleeping, so we approach slowly to get a closer look and snap a picture.  Crikey! What an elegant yet rugged design-- and look! --There are more clues to what it is capable of right there --the combs! Crikey! Clearly this PHD is able to blow dry the hair of many humans with ease! This particular PHD is in the Conair family, a genus known for its powerful fan structure and longevity. Not too many PHDs in this region are ionic, so we're very fortunate to see this. We have to thank Kimy in Cleveland, Ohio who allowed us into her home to observe this beauty. 


tony said...

A Powerful Majestic Beast!

kimy said...

the blaster is on call in case any car locks get frozen - after the snow came an icy rain. yikes!

Ms. Wollstonecraft said...

Love your hair dryer museum and links. I recently purchased a small dangerous appliance (tiny sandwich maker)

lettuce said...

crikey is a good word