Monday, March 31, 2008

Yugoslavian Multi-Tasker

Multi-tasking was the strong suit of the former Yugoslavians. The word "Focus" was not in their vocabulary. They had a million and two things on their minds at all times. This Yublomixwhirr is a rare piece of Yugoslavian History. It was used to mash and mix potatoes, brush the teeth of a family of seven, scare off home invaders, blow dry hair, wild animals and socks, and it gained fame when it was used to successfully place curses on enemies. According to folklore it worked very well in all applications. The Yugoslavian fad of wearing bits of food in the hair was said to originate with the popularity of the Yublomixwhirr.  

Sunday, March 30, 2008

In Olden Times

This is a really old model, metal and ouch! You could get burned if you didn't handle it with care. Where did all the discarded Portable Hair Dryers go? How many must have been thrown away over the decades? If we piled them all up, how big would the pile be? 

If you had an old broken hair dryer like this one,  what could you do with it? 

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bob Dylan's 115th Hair Dryer

Iconic singer songwriter Bob Dylan has owned a lot of hairdryers over the years. Some were gifts from hair stylists, some got stolen by "fans", six nice ones were lost in divorce settlements and breakups, and some just made his hair frizz really bad. 

The T3 from Bespoke Labs is Bob's current hair dryer and he says he is very pleased with it. 

"I am very pleased with it." ~ Bob Dylan

 Ionic is the answer for an Iconic singer songwriter who admits he has always had problem hair. Crushed tourmaline crystals are the secret to drying without baking the hair into a frizzy mess.

One of Bob's hairdryers made it on to the silver screen. In the film "Reynaldo & Clara" We see Joan Baez talking to herself in a hotel room. She is obviously upset and begins to stroke Bob's blow dryer. Joan ended up insisting that this blow dryer belonged to her rather than to Bob, and Bob never saw it again, even though Joan offered him supervised visitation rights. 

Monday, March 24, 2008

A Powerful Conair

This powerful Conair graces the bathroom of artist Rivka Chang-Sedaris, who makes her living as a Tuxedo Cat portraitist. "I love the power of the Conair because my knee-length hair is very thick and coarse and the Conair dries it quickly-- I enjoy a long soak in the tub, and because the Conair is so efficient I have extra time to relax & read back issues of OPE in the tub." Rivka purchased the Conair 8 years ago. 

 Her husband Olaf is extremely hirsute. (His nickname is "Fleecy") and he dries his entire furry body in less than a minute with the Conair. Olaf is an accountant and personal money manager so good grooming is important! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Dullsville

If you have a very bland home with space for a Dullsville model, this baby could be on display in your home 24/7. The Dullsville prefers a spot that is uncluttered, positioned near a comfy chair for totally thorough but dull drying.  This model is in the home of Martha Snodbay, and when Martha is under the Dullsville she has a view of her much loved Hummel Figurine collection. "It helps to have something awe inspiring to look at, and I always look at the Hummels and think I should dust them." 

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Zeta Jones

Very beautiful but slightly high maintenance unit with a few unnecessary extra features, such as the rubberina bonnet holder head and the pink Douglas strap that essentially does nothing. 
Available in pink only, this unit functions well and the bonnet holds tight without gripping uncomfortably. Bonnet is adjustable and made to last. Has strong but quiet motor and is easy to pack up and take on trips. Truly a portable, and reliable.