Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bob Dylan's 115th Hair Dryer

Iconic singer songwriter Bob Dylan has owned a lot of hairdryers over the years. Some were gifts from hair stylists, some got stolen by "fans", six nice ones were lost in divorce settlements and breakups, and some just made his hair frizz really bad. 

The T3 from Bespoke Labs is Bob's current hair dryer and he says he is very pleased with it. 

"I am very pleased with it." ~ Bob Dylan

 Ionic is the answer for an Iconic singer songwriter who admits he has always had problem hair. Crushed tourmaline crystals are the secret to drying without baking the hair into a frizzy mess.

One of Bob's hairdryers made it on to the silver screen. In the film "Reynaldo & Clara" We see Joan Baez talking to herself in a hotel room. She is obviously upset and begins to stroke Bob's blow dryer. Joan ended up insisting that this blow dryer belonged to her rather than to Bob, and Bob never saw it again, even though Joan offered him supervised visitation rights. 


tony said...

Is This Where He Got The Idea For Blowing In The Wind From ?
If So, It wasnt A Protest Song At All! Rather, a homage To Small Electrical Gadgets!
Ghost Of Electricity indeed!

d. chedwick bryant said...

I don't believe you.