Friday, April 25, 2008

Solar Powered Hair Dryer? nope.

You can make a solar generator to run  some small appliances like portable hair dryers, toaster ovens, blenders and even small TV sets. I found fairly simple straightforward instructions on how to make a fabulous solar generator (with easy to find parts!) for under $400-- But I couldn't find a solar dryer anywhere. Sorry!

Non- electric isn't always best~
 I once had an unfortunate experience with a propane powered curling iron- all I can say is : 
1.Do not put a propane powered appliance close to your head. 
2.Do not smoke a cigar while curling your toupee with a propane powered curling iron.
3. If your propane powered appliance begins to hiss and smell weird, throw it in a convenient ditch and call the authorities for assistance.


tony said...

Think Of The Split-Ends !

mouse (aka kimy) said...

if it's a really sunny day, one could go outside with a wet head and run in circles very fast... there it is portable solar hair dryer. not only will your hair be dry without using any electricity but you will also burn off lots of calories. definitely a win-win situation

phd girl said...

But what if you live in Nuuk?

your head would freeze