Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mary: She Who Was Always Stylish

Lovely Aunt Mary's portable hair dryer and electric curling wand. Aunt Mary was Mouse's Godmother and a beautiful person. Rest in Peace, Sweet Maria.

Everyone seems to have an Aunt Mary. I had two of them. I love the name Mary. It's my favorite name. (For a girl.) Marie, Maria, Marieke, Mariana...


mouse (aka kimy) said...

thank you....I can feel aunt mary smiling down from her lofty perch.

did you know the mouse's first name is mary

phd girl said...

Beautiful Pictures! Thanks!

Pod said...

mary was pod's mum's name also
pimple loves the name mary too, especially lady cats that are prefixed with 'hairy'.
his favourite song of the victorian era is
'auntie mary had a canary
up the leg of her drawers
and when she farted
it departed
down the leg of her drawers'