Sunday, July 13, 2008

Poor Wet Cat

I do not recommend using a portable hair dryer on a cat--toweling the cat dry with nice warm fluffy towels is the way to go for even the wettest coldest cat. (you can pop some towels in the clothes dryer to warm them.)


tony said...

My Cat (CHAZ) Would End Up Looking Like Jimi Hendrix....!

Anonymous said...

I think your blog is immature and useless. What is the point?
Thank You! (If you ARE you)
Sincerily, Beeeep!

Kurt said...

I think your blog brightens the world with its humorous writing and photography. Kudos.

re: the post: agreed.

bitchlet said...

The kitty looks like she gave up fighting the human hands.

Thiên said...

Don't you love people who write things that aren't so pleasant but they don't want to let you know who they are? And so Anonymous makes plenty of not so nice remarks to many people. I finally turned on my anti-anonymous option.