Thursday, July 3, 2008

Shoe Theme!

I'm very excited about this Theme Day, because I LOVE house-shoes (aka house slippers, aka bedroom slippers) While I don't make people take their shoes off when they come into my home, I like to wear slippers myself.

The velveteen slipper shown here was made in the UK and the pair cost me 4 pounds. Very durable.
I don't buy slippers made in China.
Slippers are great because if your pets gnaw on them it's OK, it's only a house slipper after all.


bitchlet said...

I sense an anti- Made in China theme disguised in many posts.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

since my last pair of slippers wore out I've been lax with replacing them and now are wearing holes in my socks. but now that it's summer I go barefoot.

I think I should investigate making slippers before it gets cold can't be too difficult.

I confess I am very cognizant about the whole made in china issue and am another person who avoids buying anything made in china. my reasons are many, among them are:
1) chinese position on tibet
2) problem of toxicity found in many made in china goods
3) the dismal state of workers' rights and conditions in china
4) the rising threat china presents as it embraces the same runaway materialistic desires that have ruined many other countries (least being the u.s. - which is also is seriously wrecking havoc with the environment)

however I don't think I have really posted on this issue nor do I think I will.... as you can tell I might go off on a rant that I might not be able to get back from.

d. chedwick said...

the world is overstuffed with shoes made in China. it's very hard at first, but after awhile, you know... when you find something good--buy two pair if you can.