Friday, August 22, 2008

I Do Know

I receive a ton of letters and e mails with questions about this blog, portable hair dryers, and so forth. I throw most of them away, because who has the time? But one letter caught my eye, and it came with a sad photo enclosed.

Dear Portable Hair Dryer Girl,
You are a very lovely person and your blog is the best blog ever.
I recently bought a boat and want to change the name of it.
The name was put on with vinyl letters and I tried removing them but
it's messy. Someone said they think you would use a portable hair
dryer to remove them. If so, how exactly would you do it?

Signed: Clueless in Haverstraw

Dear Clueless,
Don't despair, just follow my instructions and you'll have a new name on your boat in no time at all. Besides a portable hair dryer, you'll need a PLASTIC ice scraper and an extension cord.

Hold the hair dryer about 5-7" from the surface and set to the lowest heat setting. (NOT COOL) If the setting is too hot it will cause the vinyl to melt into the boat's original varnish (gel coat) and cause a nasty mark. As you gently apply the light heat in a rhythmic fashion, swaying to and fro, begin to lift the edges of those ugly vinyl letters.
After the name has been removed, the area will have to be cleaned , dried gently and polished evenly. you'll want a nice smooth consistent surface so you can apply the new name.

Signed: Portable Hair Dryer Girl

P.S. Renaming a boat is very bad luck.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Portable Hair Dryer with Yellow Plums and Sun Dried Tomatoes

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dog Hates Portable.

Dog prefers to sit under old fashioned dryer in salon with magazines and treats. Who can blame him?

PHOTO credit to: Emery_Way on Flickr.